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Duas for breastfeeding – Allah blessed us with a son. He is having problems with latching on his mother’s breasts for breastfeeding.

Question Detail:

Allah has blessed us with a son alhamdolillah. He is nearly 3 weeks old now. He is having problems with latching on his mother's breasts for breastfeeding. The problem is worse on the right side. We are consulting lactation counselor and doctor. His mother tries to feed him on the breast but we have to give him formula through bottle since he cannot do enough breast feeding. Also, his mother pumps her milk to feed him. Are there any duas we can read/recite for this problem? Any other suggestion or advice?

Answer :

We suggest Surah Faatiha be read daily and blown on the child. This Surah has great benefits and should be recited on the sick. Secondly, you should consult specialists in the medical field who may advise you exactly how to cure such an ailment.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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