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Are there Ahadith that suggest the Dhikr of the following Ayats? LA-ILAHA ILLA ANTA SUB?HAANAKA INNI KUNTU MINAZZALLIMEEN! INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAAJI?OON! and ??.

Question Detail:

ALLAHU LA ILAHA ILLA HUWAL HAYYUL QAYYUM! HASBI-ALLAHU LAA ILAHA ILLA HU ALAIHI TAWAKKALTU WAHUWA RABBUL ARSHIL AZEEM! Is it acceptable to perform dhikr of the above Ayats from the Qur?an? In general, can one perform constant dhikr of certain Ayats or Surahs from the Qur?an?

Answer :

The dua -La-ilaha illa-anta.was made by Hadhrath Yunus (AS) when he was in

the belly of a fish. The dua, Inna Lilahi.is read when one hears sad news.

The dua- Allahu-laailaila. is also mentioned in the Quran and is effective

for safety and protection. The last dua in reference is the last verse of

sura Tawba. Some duas are recited for specific instances and are not

general. The duas that are general may be recited at any time or in any way,

individually or in gathering on condition one does not regard the practice

as compulsory by insisting people participate in the act and reproach those

who do not participate. If one insists, then that will be bidah as it is

distortion of deen by expressing a non-compulsory act as compulsory, which

is a sin.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai


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