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please elaborate on the fact that the word day appears 365 times in quraan and week 7 times etc and if so please give me more egsamples

Question Detail:

I find it very intriguing and brilliant how the word day appears 365 to denote how many years or something to that effect i would like all these egsamples please

Answer :

The Holy Qur?an is a miracle. None of the creation of Allah Ta?ala can produce any book like it. The commentators of the Qur?an have interpreted the miracles of the Qur?an in different ways. Every aspect has its own speciality and none of these aspects can be regarded as final. This is also one of the miracles of the Qur?an, that for one thousand four hundred years some people in every era searched for its specialities according to their knowledge and succeeded in their pursuit by finding some speciality or the other. It is stated in a Hadith that the wonders of the Qur?an will never cease. We are at the moment living in an electronic and statistical age. Some people are trying to understand the Qur?an through these aspects. Your question indicates that you are also trying to study the Qur?an in the same way. We recommend that you stop studying the Qur?an in this manner. Firstly, because the result that you might acquire will not be final, secondly, you will not gain any practical benefit from this result, thirdly, if a non-Muslim acquires a result which contradicts yours, then he will create doubts and suspicions, fourthly, this is not in accordance with the object of the revelation of the Qur?an. The object of the revelation of the Qur?an is to practically act upon it and not to just believe in it theoretically.

Though you may be studying the Qur?an in this manner with a good intention and also may be trying to propagate its miracles and divinity, but far greater than this is to show the effects of the Qur?an practically in ones life, how the Qur?an instils life into the dead hearts of the people, how it reforms their lives and causes them to turn away from evil towards good. The Prophet (S.A.W.) taught the Qur?an in this way and prepared perfect people like the Sahabah by means of the Qur?an. The Qur?an states:

?This is the Scripture that consists of no doubt; a guide for those who fear (Allah).? (Surah Baqarah, Verse 2)

?O Mankind! Indeed an admonition has come to you from your Sustainer, and a remedy for the ailment of the hearts, and a guide and blessing for the Believers.
Say: ?Only in the bounties of Allah and in his benevolence should man rejoice. That is better than all the things they accumulate.? (Surah Yunus, Verse 58-59)

?Indeed this Qur?an directs towards a way that is accurate, and it bears glad tidings for those believers who practise righteous deed, that, ?on them there is indeed a glorious reward.? (Surah Bani Israeel, Verse 9)

?And We revealed the Qur?an which is a healing and grace for the Believers. And to the unjust, their loss only adds by it.? (Surah Bani Israeel, Verse 82)

?We did not reveal the Qur?an upon thee so that thou be strained, rather to serve as an admonition to him who fears.? (Surah Ta-Ha, Verse 1-3)

?O people of the Book! Indeed Our messenger has come to you who expounds for you much of the Book which you used to conceal, and who passes over many a matter. Indeed Noor and a distinct Book has come to you from Allah,
Through which Allah guides those persons who seek His pleasure to the path of peace, and He delivers them through His Taufeeq from darkness to light and guides them towards the straight path.? (Surah Maedah, Verse 15-16)

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf


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