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Please tell me about the prize bond lottery

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Please tell me about the prize bond lottery.My mother had some prize bonds worth 1500 ruppees each which she had kept since 10 years or so.Now in a prize bond lottery she has won 15000 ruppees over one prize bond.I am telling her that it is not halal as you have not strived for it.She says that it is ok.Please guide me is that lottery's money halal or haram,so that i should not use money and refrain from it

Answer :

You state that your mother has won 15000 Rupees from a lottery company. Generally, lotteries are gambling organizations. However, we do not know the price bond lottery and its workings, hence we cannot comment.

Kindly inform us of how the company operates and what are the rules of the company.


Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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