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There is a Aalima student who has been studying….

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Please help me out with this question.....there is a Aalima student who has been studying in a madrassafor few years, and alhamdullilah
she has good understanding of islam, and she fears the hell-fire and the hereafter punishment, and she knows clearly the
importance of Salaah, but she cant pray,her mind just doest be set to perform salaah, she can fast, teach,learn, be nice,
avoid backbiting, forgive people, read quran, read duroods, many other good deeds, but she just CANT perform her salaah
it is as though between her and salaah there is a barrier. This is a major sin , she knows that and she alwayz prays to Allah
to give her the ability to do her salaah, there was once were she did her salaah for about 2 weeks but then all of a sudden she went back
to normal (during her 2 weekz of performing salaah, she thanked Allah soo much, and she became more poius)...what could
this poor sister do, is she doing something which Allah dont like and therefore she is unable to perform her salaah?...is there
anything she could do so that she could do her salaah?........That is her only wish is to do her 5 daily salaah, but her body just
doesnt get up for salaah.
I also wanted to ask, a women who bleeds most of the time, sometimes she bleeds a little  and sometimes she bleeds a lot
and she is not sure if it is 'Haiz' blood or 'istahaza'....then what is the ruling for that.The blood is normal red, and she is always bleeding,
therefore she has to constantly use a sanatry towel.
i alsowanted to ask what can one do to see Rasuallah s.a.w in a dream?

Answer :

It seems as though she is affected with satanic wasaawis (whispers of Shaytaan). She should battle her Nafs and go against its dictates. This should be coupled with Dua before Allah.


One should consider her last habit. Assuming was 6 days. Now, at every monthly cycle she should calculate 6 days as Haidh and the balance as Istihaadha.


And Allah Knows Best

Mufti Muhammed Kadwa

Checked and Approved

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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