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Question Summary:
Sometimes, when I sleep, I open my eyes and cannot move. It seems as if my body is paralysed. Could this be the work of the satan or the jinn.

Question Detail:

When I went to sleep a couple of days ago, it felt as if something was pulling my soul out starting from my head.it happened 3 times but my heads souls kept falling back each time.but the 4th time it pulled out my soul i saw a black shadaow which was hitting me and scrathing me.Iwas not asleep but when I tried to open my eyes it was as if I was not in my senses,my body felt paralysed.when I struggled to move, I moved my leg and i could then move my whole body, basically I went away by then, but my heart was beating really fast and it was as if my breath had been stopped for a few seconds while that happened.who could have done this.

Answer :

There could be many reasons for the setback referred to in your query.

It is possible that it is the evil of the Shaytaan. Before sleeping, you should recite the last four Quls of the Qur'aan, blow it on your hands and pass them over the entire body.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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