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How much water should be taken in bath for whole body.

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1-I think that i do good deeds and bad deeds both.2-How much water should be taken in bath for whole body.3-My friends of school do bad deeds then me and they are quiet good in studies,but i am not good at studies,but good at religion,so why is this happening didnt allah says that he would grant victory to every good believers,so why i donbot get good positions in studies,and please tell me how to be excellent and outstanding in my studies.4-When i pray in mosque regularly all the prayers,many aged people start to appreciate me,i dont like this because i think that then my prayers are not accepted,and are not for the sake of allah,and they become for those people,and i dont want to be seen by others ,tell me the ways how to not to be seen by others and how to confirm.5-Are the female house workers allowed those who come for washging clothes,dusting and other house works.Jazakallah

Answer :

1. There is no specific restriction in using water for a bath. However, the water should be used only according to one?s need. To use more than that is wasting.

2. If you are still adhering to Deen, that is the greatest victory for you and that is the criterior for success.

3. Your intention is to please Allah and not people. That is sufficient. People appreciating you is a sign of acceptance from Allah. In order to overcome any possible pride, ponder upon your shortcomings. The solution is not to be out of sight.

4. It is not appropriate to be alone in the house with any Ghayr Mahram females. That includes the females offering home services.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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