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1-Ways to get up in fajr,2-can we touch and read Quran without wudu.3-My father,brothers and friends oppose me on keeping beard.

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1-How can i get up in fajr prayer because mostly my father beat me but i dont get up.What to do tell me any dua for this.2-Can we touch/read Quran and other islamic books without wudhu .3-My father and brothers oppose me on keeping beard.Should i cut it will i get punishment or not.4-I have heard a hadith not exact that whoever has read 1st kalimah he would go in jannat sometime after getting punishment.So it means Shia will also go in Jannat.What do you think.?

Answer :

1. The following strategies may assist you in getting up for Fajr Salaat.

a. The heartfelt concern for Salaat.

b. Courage

c. Du?aa

d. Eat less at your last meal of the day.

e. Retire to bed as early as possible.

f. Avoid conversing with anyone after Esha Salaat.

g. Set your own alarm clock

2. You may touch or read Islamic books without Wudhu. However, Wudhu is necessary for touching the Qur?aan. It may be recited even without Wudhu.

3. Even if your father opposes you, you are not permissitted to cut your beard. You will not be taken to task for disobeying your father in something that is prohibited in Shari?ah.

4. All Shi?as are not disbelievers. Some of the Shi?as are still Muslims, though sinful ones. Hence, they will also go to Jannah eventually. However, Shi?as who have been declared disbelievers will not go into Jannah.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa



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