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Question Summary:
1.Musical in Islam? 2.Photographers in Mekka / Medina? 3. Are prawns haraam? 4. Method of handling and disposal of papers containing Muslim names 5. Interest

Question Detail:

Assalamualaikum 1. Please advise which musical instruments are permissible in Islam? Is it permissible to listen to Yusuf Islam , Zain Bhika etc. 2. You have stated that photography of animate objects is haraam? Please advise why photographers are then abundant (and allowed) in Mekka / Medina? 3. The Quran states that "Everything from the sea has been made halal for you". How does that translate to "only fish is made Halaal for us" (Question 3340)? 4. Is there any special method of handling and disposal of papers containing Muslim names Mohammed, Abdullah, Ali etc. What if the name Mohammed does not refer to our Rasul ( SAW)? 5. Is it permissible to give one's divorced mother interest money as she is battling financially? Jazakallah

Answer :

1. None of the musical instruments are allowed. Only the Duff is allowed under certain specific situations and conditions. It will be permissible to listen to Yusuf Islam, etc. cassettes if they do not contain musical instruments.

2. There is a difference of opinion between the Ulama on this issue. Some have ruled it to be permissible while others have regarded it as impermissible. However, we should remember that certain actions being found abundantly in Makkah/Madinah is not a proof according to Shari?ah. There are numerous things found nowadays in Makkah and Madinah which can unanimously be declared as impermissible.

3. The Qur?aan does not state everythuing from the sea is Halaal.

4. According to the Hanafi Madhab, the best way to discard it is to bury it.

5. Interest should be given to the poor who do not have the Nisaab of Zakaat. This is not the normal Sadaqah which a Muslim gives out of his lawful income with an intention to get reward in the hereafter. Instead, this Sadaqah is meant only for dispensing off an unclean and unlawful money and to relieve oneself from the burden of an illgotten gain. But it should be remembered that this amount is unclean only for the person who received it as interest. The poor person who get it from him as Sadaqah can use this amount for their personal benefits. This amount can also be given to one?s close relatives who are entitled to receive Zakaat. Even one?s adult children can receive this amount from him if they are so poor that they can receive Zakaat. (Contemporary Fataawa pg.160)

Hence, one may give it to one?s mother if she is entitled to receive Zakaat.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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