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Question Summary:
If the majority of the people in ones locality follow a particularijtihad, is it permissible to go along with this ijtihad simply to avoidfitnah.

Question Detail:

The Imam is going to combine the prayer because of rain, you arethere and do not want to cause fitnah by leaving the Salaat- Is itpermissible to pray? Would you prayer be accepted?

Answer :

Obviously, by you not following the Madhab of your Imaam and the majority of
people in your Masjid, your procedure of Salaat is different from theirs.
Just as those differences are not causes of Fitnah, not joining them in
Jamaa' bayna salaatayn (joining two Salaats) should not be a cause of Fitnah
as well.

However, if it is strongly perceived to be a cause of Fitnah, you may join
the congregation with the intention of Nafl Salaat and perform Esha Salaat
independently in its appropriate time.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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