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after my marriage my parents has given us a home just for living ( this is not our property) because my husband has no personal property/home and all his relatives live in India. I am working in an office before my marriage and it is still continue. When I got married, my husband salary was low and we could not afford to live in a rent house. But now my husband salary is better but still we are living in the home given by my parents. I and my husband both want our separate home for living because we don’t want to be a burden on others that is why I am doing job so that we could purchase our home. Our own house could not be purchase in my husband income I have a son of 2 years old and my mother take care of him during my office timing and my parents are supporting us much. I have two brothers and some time I think that may be after marriage they will not like this. Please tell me should I do job or not for my own home and better education of my son? Please note that I use to wear scarf and cover my body during office timing and also avoid to talk to opposite sex

Answer :

You are also a mother. You have a child of two years. When you are at work, your mother has to take care of your child. With respect, that is not the same as you taking care of your child. When you return home from work, you are tired and you will not be able to give your child the much needed attention.

As the child grows, it demands more attention. The absence of that could impact negatively on the child for a long time or may be permanently. Is the proper upbringing of the child more important or owning a house more important? You will have to sacrifice one for the other. In your instance, sacrifice your extra income and pay attention to your child. Ownership of a house is a possibility and expectation, whereas the loss of motherly attention in your child is a reality. Don’t sacrifice a reality for an expectation.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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