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My question is regarding reading of Isthikaara Salaah for guidance & direction regarding a certain boy n interpretation of my dream

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I have met this boy on the net and we have become friends over the past year n we like each other alot but we have not met but he is planning to come to my country shortly to meet me.I read Istikaraah because i felt i need 2 know if i should continue with him n refuse other proposals but he has not asked me to marry him as yet- in my 1st night that i read Istikaraah this is the dream i had, i dreamt a kitten was in a house with me and it kept following me and coming after me and then it jumped on to me and i held it in my hands and thats when i woke up with a surprise of holding the kitten in my hand and in reality i am very scared of cats and wont go any where near them and wont hold them. So please help me n tell me what exactly this means? I know islamically i am doing the wrong thing in getting to know this boy and only my mum knows about him and he hasnt told his parents because we dont want them to know we have met on the net because then they wont approve of us being together. Shukran

Answer :

You should make Istikhaara only after the boy has proposed to you.

Furthermore, it is unbecoming and unhealthy for a girl to do anything major, especially, deciding on a marriage partner without consulting her parents.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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