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i have proposed to a muslimah, she decided to accept, but now we can’t let her parents knowing this,because they don’t like and won’t marry their daughter to a religious guy…?

Question Detail:

I have proposed to a muslimah,and she decided to accept,but now we can't let her parents knowing this,because they don't like and won't marry their daughter to a religious guy,it is common in this non-muslim country.if her parents know that a muslim who pray 5times daily,they will stop her studying in our college.so we now can't let they know.we like each other and want to marry,just the parents won't consent. can we speak on the phone to express care and also some soft words,also chat with internet. another question ,can her cousin,the son of her father's sister be her mahram.

Answer :

In the Hanafi Madhab, Nikah of two adults performed without the consent of the parents is valid. However, our advice to you would be to consider the matter very carefully. If you get married, the two of you would have to spend the rest of your lives together. If the pressure of her parents is going to cause a strain on your marriage, it may be better to look for another partner. If the two of you honestly feel that you may overcome these pressures, you may get married with her.

Normally, a Nikah without the consent of a Wali is devoid of blessings, but in your case, the parents are objecting for the wrong reasons, therefore, this warning does not apply to your case.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Ml. Imraan Vawda



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