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How can i propose a girl for marriage in Islam?

Question Detail:

I want to marry this girl who I talk to her on internet. We just talk and share only about islam through e-mail.We never seen each other but know each other very well. I want to marry a muslimah who is pure, cover herself, and have pretty good knowledge of Islam but neither my parents and I don?t know any girl who?s good muslimah.I just know this girl who I talk to her on internet and she is very good muslimah ,follow islam properly and cover herself all the time. Since i know this girl, I want to marry her but i really don't know how to propose her for marriage.I'm afraid what if she will say no because we never seen each other. Can you please give me some advice that what should i do?

Answer :

Marriage is a very big step in life. You should not hasten.

Communicating with somebody before marriage is different from actually staying with the person. Many people know religion well but do not conform

to their knowledge. We advise you first discuss the matter with your parents, thereafter, you should also see the girl and decide by making Istikhaara (seek divine guidance).

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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