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a)father-in law rapes her daughter-in law with force.

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i like to know the sharia ruling on the incidents, a)father-in law rapes her daughter-in law with force. b) father-in law abues the daughter-in law like telling sex topics to her, scolding her, beating her, touching her body, etc. once daughter-in law was sleeping the father-in law went to her room, and sucked her breast, when the girl wakes, he ran away. then he was black mailing the girl if she tells these things to anybody, he may get a divorce from his son who is working in gulf. so she did not tell this to anydbody, anyhow here the sex did not happen, Allah saved her. then she came to her hubsand to gulf and told evyerthing, after that they had a bay boy also. is the marraige affected by the above factors. please help.

Answer :

Incest is strictly forbidden in Islam. The results of committing incest are very disastrous. When a man touches his daughter-in-law lustfully, the Nikah between his son and daughter-in-law terminates immediately. (Hashiya ibn Abideen vol.3)

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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