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What is the area to be circumcised for females?

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Health activists claim that circumcising the clitoris decreases the sexual excitement that can be experienced by females. Also regarding oral sex; is it HARAM or is it better not to practice it? Is it allowed for the husband to pleasure his wife?s clitoris with his tongue and similarly is the wife allowed to pleasure her husband?s penis with her tongue ensuring that she does not touch the mazi or mani excreted by the husband?

Answer :

Nabi Sallahu alaihewasalaam said five practices are the characteristics of Fitrah, circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, cutting the mustash short, clipping nails and removing the hair under arms. (Nasai)

Circumcision is Sunnat for men and an honour for women. (Musnad Ahmed, AlBayhaqee)

Every Sunnat is beneficial physically, health wise and it gains the pleasure of Allah.

Circumsicion carries numerous physical benefits, and it also prevents many illnesses.

Also circumcison is an important aspect of cleanliness which is strongly emphasised in Islam. When the foreskin is not removed, urine and other secretions can collect under the folded skin. This can lead to painful infections from bacterial growth. Thus the operation of circumcision reduces basic hygiene for men and boys.

"Indeed Allah loves those who keep to Him constantly as He loves those who keep themselves pure". (surat al baqarah)

Hence it is a great sunnat as well as physically beneficial to perform this

Oral sex between husband and wife is Makrooh Tahrimi. This means it is very close to haraam. Thus it will not be permissible for the husband to pleasure his wife's clitoris with his tongue and similarly it is not permissible for the wife to pleasure her husband's penis with her tongue.

Circumcision is not a sunnat for females, however it is permissible and mustahab. Circumcision of females is merely a benefit for men as it increases sexual excitement.

The area which should be circumcised for females is the skin which is just above the place where the male would enter his private part. The skin should not be cut fully.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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