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What happens to your body and soul when you pass away. Can you please explain in detail to me.

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Answer :

The angel of death extracts the soul of a person with the order of Allah Ta'ala. If the person was a Muslim and obedient, his soul is extracted with ease and if he was a non-Muslim or a sinful Muslim, his soul is extracted with extreme pain.

The soul of an obedient Muslim is wrapped with honour by the angels accompanying the angel of death and his soul is taken to the heaven through each sky. The angels of every sky praise and welcome the soul and upon reaching the seventh sky, Allah Ta'ala orders the angels to place the soul to rest in Illiyyeen (a sacred place above). The soul of a disbelieving or sinful person is thrown into a sack and upon reaching the first sky, the angels reject him and it is ordered that his soul be dumped into the Sijjeen (a prison underground). May Allah Ta'ala grant our souls peace and honour upon our death, Aameen.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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