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*Please explain the iddat period between each talaaq eg. if 1st talaaq is given on 01 March 2006 – when can i give the 2nd and when the final talaaq.

Question Detail:

*Please explain the iddat period between each talaaq eg. if 1st talaaq is given on 01 March 2006 - when can i give the 2nd and when the final talaaq. 
*My children ages 16 & 21 yrs of age - 1 is in matric the other one on university.  Do i have to nafaqa both these boys for life?
* Do i have to keep wife on medical aid during iddat period. I know that i have to nafaqa her during her iddat period. Does this stop after final talaq?
*If the wife does not keep up iddat, and if she comes to her senses maybe after a year or later, can she still undertake iddat out of remorse?  Will it be valid?

Answer :

1. At the outset it is important to understand that Talaaq is issued in extreme and dire cases. That too after a lengthy process of mediation and reconciliation has failed. Nevertheless, if the marriage is irreparable and Talaaq is the only solution, then one Talaaq e Raji (revocable divorce) may be issued. After the passing of the Iddah period the marriage terminates and the wife is free to marry whomsoever she wishes.

Some times in the fit of anger three Talaaqs are given but thereafter once the mind settles and returns to its senses, it only causes regret and remorse. Furthermore, if in the future, you want to get together it will make it easy and only the Nikah has to re performed.

2. According to Shariah, a father is responsible to support his children (male) till the age of maturity. Once the son reaches this age, the father is not obliged to support him. However, you state that the boys are in school and it is not practical for them to fend for themselves as yet. If you continue to support them until they complete their studies, it will be your gesture and goodwill towards them.

3. It is not necessary to keep the wife on medical aid during the Iddah period.

4. After three menstrual cycles the Iddah will be complete whether she sat in Iddah or not.

And Allah Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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