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Question Summary:
what should be the aqeedah of Ahle sunnah about Yazeed ibn Muaavia (R.A)?

Question Detail:

A friend of mine has name Yazeed ul hasan and he insists that yazeed is jannatee being amir of the lashkar which conquered qastuntunia.(he quoted a hadees from baab i jihaad of Bukhaari). is it true?should my friend change his name or not. is it jaaiz to say (RA) after taking yazeed's name? or is it jaaiz to curse him? Please guide us..jazakallah

Answer :

Aqeedah (beliefs) are regarding those matters mentioned in the Qur'aan and
Ahaadith. Since Yazeed is not mentioned in the Qur'aan, nor in the Ahaadith,
we are not required to have any Aqeedah regarding him. Insha Allah, we will
not be questioned about him on the day of Qiyaamat.

Your friend does not have to change his name. To say that a person is a
Jannati requires sound proof. There is no proof to state that Yazeed is a
Jannati. We, thus, leave his affair to Allah Ta'ala.

Merely being an Ameer of the army is not sufficient for a person to be a
Jannati. Only Allah Ta'ala knows who he has accepted to be a Jannati. For us
to say that a person is a Jannati, we have to have some Aayaat or Hadith to
support this. There is no such Hadith regarding Yazeed, hence, we adopt

The term, 'Radhiallaahu Anhu' is generally used for the Sabaaha. Since
Yazeed was not a Sahaabi, this term should not be used. However, if somebody
does ut it, it will not be sinful. As far as cursing Yazeed, what benefit is
there in it? It is neither Fardh, Waajib, Sunnah or even Mustahabb to curse
him. If on the other hand he is not worthy of this curse, the curse will
return to the one cursing. Thus, the issue of cursing requires absolute
precaution. The method of our senior Ulama is to abstain from cursing him.
(Fataawa Mahmoodiya vol.20 pg.77; Fataawa Rashidiyya pg.76)

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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