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Question: Has Maulana Maududi critisized Hadhrat Yunus(alaihissalam) in his tafseer Tafheem AlQuran?Who is Rashad Khalifa?
Question: Did Hazrat Ayesha (RA) fight against Hazrat Ali (RA)? What was the fight about?
Question: Who was maulana Maududi? Was he a recognised scholar of Islam or did he hold curropted ideas?
Question: Please clarify some issues for me.I want to know who are the Naqsbandis
Question: Was the Prophet (peace be upon him) suicidal when he was about to be granted prophethood.
Question: What language were the first books (Torah, Zuboor and Injeel) written in?
Question: Authencity regarding Prophet Noah’s (A.S.) Ark at Mount Ararat in Turkey
Question: From all four Imams who came first, second, third and forth (by dates)? Which country they were belonged to and how Hanafi ended up in Indo-pak area and Shafi in Middle East?
Question: What is your opinion of Sheikh Abdullah Faisal who is currently in London, UK ( And Sheikh Salman al-Awdah and Sheikh Safar al-Hawaali?
Question: I have recently seen a picture of the Prophet’s (SAW) kabr (grave). Is it real or is some other kabr shown? It’s decorated with clothes with Arabic lettering over it in gold.

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