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Question: If on mine or my kids’ birthdays or anniversaries if I offer 2 Rakaats of Shukraana, to thank Allah S.W.T. for all His blessings, will this be regarded as Biddat?
Question: I was told by a friend that there’s a Hadith that says that “Salaam” cannot be said to 3 people: a kafir, a person who drinks alcohol, and a non-Mahram.
Question: Someone told me that I shouldn’t keep plants in the house or even outside in my garden, especially the sweet smelling ones, because jinns like to stay in them. Is this true?
Question: i need your help as per sharia. i want to broke the relation with my own big brother…he killed a man who was having 3 children with the help of killed person’s wife
Question: Voting is coming up next year, Can we vote in Islam ?
Question: Are the Baraelvis a subset of Sufis? Seems like they call themselves followers of ‘Traditional Scholars’ or ‘Traditional Islam’. What is the difference between Sufis and mainstream Muslims?
Question: What impression do you think non-Muslims will have of Islam after reading this web-page?Do you view me, a “kufar”, as inferior in some ways? Would I have less rights in an Islamic state?
Question: Our Ummah really requires ULAMA-E-RABBANI. I am 20 years old right now and I want to go to Islamic University in Prophet’s city, Medina.
Question: When do we say ‘Mashallah’, or ‘SubhanAllah’, or ‘Alhamdulillah’, or ‘AllahuAkbar’, or ‘Auzubillah’, in our daily lives? I get confused as to the appropriate usage of these terms.
Question: Q. 1 – What is our obligations towards our parents? I want to know is there anything wrong brining my wife? Isn’t it enough If I arrange some one at home to take care of them?

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