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Question: Muslims have been permitted to mary a noble woman of “people of the book”, in the same sura, Muslims are prohibited from making friends with “ansaar and yahood
Question: Who are the “except some children of his people (Fir’awn)”… Was the magicians who became muslims one of them?
Question: my children go to an Islamic school and they often bring papers home with the name of Allah ta’ala in English. Do we have to burn these papers?
Question: Reciting the HOLY QURAN in traveling vehicle. 2. Reading Quran through computer, does it needs that a person should be “baa-wazoo”?
Question: (a) What’s the difference between “The Noble Qu’ran” and “The Holy Qu’ran”?
Question: One ayat in Quran mentions Samiri at time of Mussa A.S. Is Samiri the founder of Hinduism because his act was very same to Hinduism.
Question: I was wondering if you could briefly discuss the history around the revelation of SURAH FATEHA, is it formatted such that ALLAH TA’ALA in his infinite mercy was showing us a way to supplicate towards him?
Question: Can I invite my close friends and family and do a Khatame-Quraan or Yaseen or Ayat-e-Kareema to invoke Allah?s blessings and Rahmat?
Question: can u fully explain in detail how to write sourat bani israeel with saffron
Question: is there any proof of “rasm-e-Bismillah” and “rasm-e-khatmul Quran” of child ? is there any proof from Sahaba(rta) or four imams.? is it Bida’h.?

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