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Question: Plz explain this verse of the Glorious Quran Surah Maryam; Verse 76
Question: can I take Quran while travelling with me..can I keep quran in bag with the bag 1)on my back 2)inside pocket of trousers
Question: there are some discrepancies the Quran has concerning the creation, and I would like an xplanation, please. first contradiction is evident in the description of what came first, heaven or earth?
Question: If somebody have sworn on Quran about not doing something but couldn’t control later, what should he do for forgiveness?
Question: Are women allowed to touch The Quraan while menstruating?
Question: What should a person do if he has pieces of paper on which ahadith ,quraanic verses , duaas , or zikrs are written ?
Question: Why do parts of the Quran abrogate other parts ? What does it mean by ‘better’ parts ? Are parts of Allah’s words better than other parts ?
Question: Can you tell me a bit more about Tafseer-e Jalalain? Info like : who it’s written by, when it was written, how authentic and indepth it is, etc.
Question: Is it written in the holy Quran somewhere that shaytaan is the king of Darkness? If so wht is the meaning of it? And wht maximum shaytaan can do to believers?
Question: Touching Quran without ‘wudu’…my muslim friend who is very pious said to me that we should not give a quran to non-muslim which has ‘arabic’ text as non-muslims don’t do ‘wudu’

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