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Question: Please explain…’The verse of stoning and of suckling an adult ten times were revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept and a lot more…
Question: Please explain the Tafseer & Ahadith and circumstances of the revelation of Ayat Nos.33 & 56 of Sura e Ahzaab.
Question: can we place the quran on the floor? does this have to suit the urf?
Question: Is It a Sin to Keep QURA-E-KARIM in my bedroom after marriage? some body told to that we are not allowed to Keep QURAN-E-KARIM and JAYNAMAZ in our bedroom where we have sex.tell me in detail please
Question: is there any difference in the masaahif of Sahaba(rta) ?
Question: I read somewhere that Shaitan told the prophet (s) some false Quranic verses to confuse the prophet (s). I was wondering if this really did happen, was the Prophet really tricked by shaitan this way?
Question: can you point out in which text the Jews call Uzair a son of Allah ?
Question: if all the creation get to together and the trees became pens and the oceans become ink and the creation of Allah (swt) start to write the greatnesss of Allah (swt) the pens will come to an end
Question: could you please enlighten me as to the exact meaning of the phrase “Sadaq- Allaahul-Adheem”,
Question: just started doing hifz. My problem is that now i start going to taraweeh prayers and listening to the hafiz leading i feel like i don’t want to do the Hifz anymore, because if I memorize the quran and what if I start forgetting. What kinds of sin will i get? Can you please give me a dua that will increase my memory?

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