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Question: when u reading Quran and ‘sajdah” comes by u can perform that sajdah after u have finished reading, u need not perform it at the very same moment
Question: Is there anything in the Quran which says people of the book are not allowed to enter Jannah?
Question: Touching the screen of a digital Quran
Question: Allah says the Quran cant be changed. How can we prove that this verse was not man made and how do we know the Quran is perfect only because it is from Allah and not because any errors were corrected.
Question: Was original Judaism and Chrisitanity actually ‘Islam’? And why is then that they were not titled ‘Muslims’ but referred to as ‘Jews’ and ‘Christians’?
Question: I have the Qur’an and books on Islam placed in a certain room of our house. In SAME room, we also keep clothes…Is it disrespectful?
Question: Can we read salaah or read the quraan or do we have to make wudhu after having a bath. Are we considered to have wudhu after having a bath.
Question: About tafseers and hazrat dhul-kifl
Question: I would like to know the correct method of reciting the verses from Qur’an while reading the Salah.
Question: Few days ago in anger i said “throw the Qur’an” Allah Forbid!, …so how can i ask for forgivness from Allah about this?…Can i put the Qur’an straight or lay it on a side please tell me which one is better?

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