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Question: Is it okay for a good Muslim to think that the Non-Muslims around them, the ones they talk to but do not insult Islam, will not enter heaven?
Question: Before I converted,I used to look at pornographic picures. I knew this was wrong at the time but my desire was uncontrollable. The same problem is haunting me. How can I stop? I feel helpless.
Question: How does one get rid of jealously and envy from the heart?
Question: What is the Shar’ee ruling on studying Actuarial Sciences (financial probabilities)?
Question: I have read that it is forbidden to take photographs. So my question is: Is it also then forbidden to have a mirror at home as both the camera and mirror capture images?
Question: I used to go mosque 5 times a day, pray tahajud read Quran. Now I don’t do any of that, I miss salah regularly. I’ve got no taqwa. I sin all the time then ask forgiveness but then do it again&again.
Question: Dear Brother Assalmualikim. My problem is – somebody did black majic to me and I am suffering from it for one and a half years. horrible situation. Please read information of my situations below.
Question: Please provide the Hadith that deters taking of family pictures.
Question: With what’s happening in India, where innocent Muslims even children are being burnt alive, the question being asked by Muslims and non-Muslims alike is, why is Allah s.w.t. allowing this to happen?
Question: Is it haram to think you are better than one who doesn’t pray five times a day?

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