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Question: Can I offer prayers away from a Jamaat without being physically present there. This is a situation where I am ill and cannot go out for prayers specially the Juma prayers
Question: Performing Salaat with ones family? wife and daughters, etc.
Question: 1. I realize that I recited Alhamdu surah alone and not an additional surah. 2. Which mad-hub follows in Masjid al-Haram and masjidun-nabawi?
Question: Reciting sura behind the imam: what is the difference with hanafi and other madhad? Sharia proofs?
Question: Can a hanafi read Asr once the Shafi time for Asr has set in(Hanafi time for Asr has not yet set in-usually Asr for Shafi starts earlier then that of Hanafi)
Question: When standing up from Rukoo, after reciting, ?SamiAllahu Liman Hameeda?, some people go on reciting additional things. What should be recited here?
Question: Aslam wa alikum, whenever I am trying to pray all sort of a bad/good things comes in my mind, Please advise me on how to stop myself?Waalikum Wa Salam, Jazakallah khair.
Question: i have a few questions regarding the way of the sunnah. The prophet when he used to pray he prayed in one way, so how comes muslims all over the world pray in so many diffrent ways?
Question: According to the Hanafi Math-hab, should I read Bismillah before the sura in all rakaats?
Question: Is it permissible for one to perform Salaat with his wife or children (boys and girls)?

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