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Question: 1)How to perform salaatul-haajat. 2)Is it permissiable to read surah yaseen every morning and evening
Question: 2. Is it Makrooh to speak after Esha? 3. Are we allowed to use contraception for a while if don’t plan on having children for a few years?
Question: 1- I would like to know that can a girl have a decent and modest chat with a stranger boy/girl via internet ?2- Are the 6 roza’s (fast) in the month of Shawal treated as mandatory.
Question: 1).is it ok to swollow tears when performing salat(2).to kill pests such as cockroaches 3).is solat fajr the same as subuh?
Question: Can i copy some of your information from web page?
Question: my question is whether I have to tell the house agent about the damages done on the carpet.Or Do we have to leave for their observation…If found they will fine us
Question: 1). How do u make the intention for missed witr salah or 2 sunnah of fajr if u then pray them after sun rise and before zawwal time? Do you say that they are qadha salahs?
Question: 1) Investment Banking 2) Fasting in the month of Dhul Hijjah 3)Piercing Ears 4)Making up for missed fasts
Question: 1. what is the differnce between court marriages, 2. what is differnce between wahabee and sunnis? 3.
Question: 1. Need Dua to lose/gain weight? 2. Are sunni muslim Shaaf’ee or Hanfi? What was Muhammad (PBUH) as well as all the other Nabi’s ?

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