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Question: For the past weeks i have religious dreams which i end up crying in every dream i have. Ive been having dreams from my house. mostly i am in my garage and the garage is open, and out of …
Question: Muhiyyudin Ibn Arabi, What do classical scholars say about him and is it advisable to stay away from his books?
Question: What is your opinion on donating for of Miftaahul Khair Benoni?
Question: I am working as a software Engineer in Bangalore. In May I am going to get married. In my family I am the only guy trying to live according to deen. My father dont listen to me and…I want to live in my hometown away from my parents because I cannot believe them because they take money for intrest and use for there needs but as well as I cannot leave them alone also.
Question: Prescribing medications to your patients
Question: I have heard of the name Ashmahaan but cannot seem to find a meaning to the name.
Question: My name is Rudaiba, I need to know the meaning of my name. I cannot come across the meaning of my name in any book. So far not one Ustaad I’ve spoken to can provide me with a meaning.
Question: Sometimes, when I sleep, I open my eyes and cannot move. It seems as if my body is paralysed. Could this be the work of the satan or the jinn.
Question: I have named my sons Raumaan, Johaar (Jauhar) and Zuhayr…….
Question: There is a Aalima student who has been studying….

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