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Question: I am a 22 year old Muslim girl. I have not married yet nor have any proposals. Please advise on what I can pray for the accomplishment of marriage to a good Muslim boy
Question: I love this girl? She says she loves me too. But she doesn’t want to marry me. She says she has some problems. so i dont know what to do. Can you please guide me? thanks
Question: I think the response you gave to the man who is 45 and wishes to marry a 12yr old is purely wrong!! That is called a pedophile
Question: Is masterbation of the husband by the wife allowed?
Question: Do I need to give a reason to my wife for not allowing her to do something ?
Question: When looking for a wife, in which mannerism are allowed to look. is it permissible to look at her?
Question: 1.If conditions weren’t met with,during Iddath after talaaq,can this be repeated? 2.I have received a proposal to be a second wife.What are the conditions that i should know about?
Question: Referring to Question 4540 Marriage to a girl whose father is a banker. If I am married then how to deal with it?
Question: Is Nikah valid with One muslim male witness and 2 Christan ones? Groom left two weeks after Nikah does not support her.We are in remote area with no Masjid, no Imam
Question: he being indian and myself pakistani the chances of my parents agreeing are virtually nil. To marry him would be without my parents permission…should o marry him even without my parents will

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