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Question: Q1) if one prays namaz with a half sleeve or no sleeve shirt, does it make your namaz makruh? …. Q3) What is your opnion on Sea Food. some ulama consider it jayiz while others consider it makruh?
Question: Should Hijaab be enforced upon women or should it be a matter of choice,something that comes from within. If its not in my heart should I still do it or leave it out?
Question: 1) Is it allowed for men/women to cut/trim their eyebrows? 2) Whether or not maternal aunt (wife of mother’s brother) of my wife my mehram?
Question: 1) Is it permissable to make a video call….2)Is this site reliable
Question: 1. Is it true that a breastfeeding lady does not have to catch up the fardh rozas that she missed during the time she was breastfeeding?… 2. are insects halaal? I ask this in respect of shellac (E904) which is found in some sweets
Question: 1. it is mentioned in Quran(not in hadith) for the woman to be accompanied by a mahram 2. You might as well be familiar with the name Yousuf Islam(Cat Stevens). Now many say that music is haram in Islam.
Question: Can we use Royal challengers water bottles?
Question: Q : 1. PLEASE TELL ME THE EXACT WAY OF SALAATUL KUSUUF NAMAAZ which is 2 rakaats ….. 2. Please let me know what to do when your husband has cut of all the contacts and is neither giving divorce or even doesnt want to live together
Question: Is it permissible to have a Caram Boad Tournament,which has a enterence fee of 20 pounds and the winner of the competition gets a prize of 200 pounds?
Question: Q1) Is it permissible for women to go womens only swimming classes with the satar covered,with other muslim and non muslim women?

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