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Question: Why is a significant event such as the second coming of Isa (Jesus) A.S. not mentioned in Qur’an but Hadith?
Question: I recieved this hadith from a friend. It’s about punishment for neglecting salat. Is it authentic?
Question: It was related in Hadith Muslim that Qur’an is an argument for or against you.Can you explain to me simple English understanding in details.
Question: I heard that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) asked Jibreel (A.S.) which is better him or Jibreel (A.S.), him or the Holy Quran, him or the deen. Is there any hadeeth, and where is it?
Question: Hadith mentions the sleep of an Aalim is better than 1000 musallees. Please confirm authenticity of hadith where can I find it? Also narrate view hadith is trying to tell us.
Question: In the Quran it says that the hour of the last day will only start when the Jews and Muslims start fighting and when one Jew will go behind a rock and the rock will speak and say kill the Jew.
Question: A group of people were ordered by Prophet (peace be upon him) to drink the urine of Camel & later on killed and eyes taken out. Is that possible from a Prophet (peace be upon him)?
Question: Is listening to music haram?
Question: Is there a hadith stating the arrival of Imam Mahdi after 2 eclipses in Ramadhan, if so then 2 eclipses will occur in Ramadhan1424 / November 2003?
Question: Could you please tell me of some hadith shareef that mention India (Hind)?

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