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Question: If a person is on life-support, and his organs are failing, and the probability of recovery is extremely low, can we as their family make a decision to, pull the plug (stop the use of life-support)?
Question: Please provide step-by-step instructions to bath a male and a female dead body.
Question: My Question is: Are we allowed to put flowers on a grave in the soil? and does this hurt the dead in anyway? can they feel it?
Question: Please list, what actions can be performed by me to provide Sawaab to the Ruh (Soul) of my ancestors?
Question: Should i GHUSUL or clean my legs after coming from graveyard ?
Question: The answers for question nos. 569, 1264 & 1672 need clarity. The first two prohibit attendance of non-Muslim funerals while no.1672 implies that attendance is allowed. Can you please explain ?
Question: It is said that during Ramadaan the dead are loose my friend died will he zieyaarat my house or only his house he lived in
Question: What happens to your body and soul when you pass away. Can you please explain in detail to me.
Question: I am questioning an act which is done at many funerals. After the body of the deceased is given a Ghusl, the body lies most probably in a room and generally the women- folk read for the muhroom…
Question: Is it allowed for women to conduct funeral prayer on their own or with a male imam for a deceased relative? Can a women do the funeral prayer for her father at her home?

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