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Question: In Bahishti Zewar, it was stated that there is no recitation of any other verse of the Holy Quran in funeral prayer.Is this condition is same according to Syafie?
Question: Procedures to follow at the death of a Muslim man who practiced a gay lifestyle
Question: If a person is on life-support, and is practically dead, is his Ruh (Soul) still in his body, or has already left?
Question: I assisted in ghusal, when disposing of water little splashed on my clothing.I performed 3 salaat thereafter should I repeat salaats?.2)Is there any benefit if one passesaway day of Jummua?
Question: Does a husband have the “right” to deny his wife to attend her parent’s (mother or fathers’s) Janaaiz?
Question: after death of some one to take his funral occations in mosque?
Question: if one recites Quran with the aim that the sawab is given to the dead, does that really help the one who died?
Question: according to answer #5287 sura Al-Fatiha is not read in janaza salaat.I refer to hadith #673 in sahih Al-Bukhari pls comment.
Question: A very close family friend and his family did not attend my grandfathers funeral. Because of this certain members of my family are still keeping a grudge against them
Question: Paying money for graveyard maintenance. i visited graveyard, its keeper requested me for water tank. He will use the water for cleaning graveyard and for the plants. Will i get reward if i pay to him?

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