Sara jism dozakh say azad ho jaye ga joAllah ka payara bananay ki dua
Buray khawab say hifazat ki duaMareez kay sabb gunaho ki muafi

Ash Shaheed | Asma ul Husna
Ash Shaheed | Asma ul Husna

Question: Is it OK to have an intercourse with pregnant wife?
Question: When the takbir for qunut in witr is said one should raise his hands in the manner as raising for dua (thus not like when starting prayer
Question: Meaning of the name 1) Shaheen & 2) Afroz : Is these are islamic names and mentioned in any of our holy books
Question: regarding dreams early in the morning, im a 13 year old girl and I was wonderin’ if it is true dat dreams seen in the morning around fajr comes true
Question: As-Salaam-u-Alaikum. My question concerns the manner in which you should correct someone that makes a mistake in Salaat. Please read the details. Jazakallahu-khair.

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