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Al Jamio | Asma ul Husna
Al Jamio | Asma ul Husna

Question: Is The Oasis Cresent Equity Fund Shariah Compliant ?
Question: Aadam (Alayhi-Salaam) ate the forbidden fruit, but the Qur’an explains all the Ambiya were sinless was this not a sin?
Question: Q: 1. Should a Muslim have his arm or leg or any part of his body amputated, then what should he do? 2. Does he ask for the limb from the hospital and bury it?
Question: If one is late to prayer and misses his prayer at the mosque, can he start another congregational prayer with others who come late?
Question: Are sunnat and nawafil included in Kasr Prayer or only Farz ( two Rakaats) will be prayed? Also tell about Vitar in Esha Kasr prayer.

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