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Al Wakeel | Asma ul Husna
Al Wakeel | Asma ul Husna

Question: As salaam a lay kum It is said when a women experiences pains due to childbirth her sins are forgiven. Please advise if the same is true when an epidural is used.
Question: I saw a brown spot on Saturday 13/10/2007 and then nothing till Thursday 18/10/2007 when I started bleeding. I was supposed to have my ghusl by Tuesday 23/10/2007 but bled till Thursday 25/10/2007.
Question: My question is regarding fasting fardh or nafl in the evening i …
Question: If three are Shaytaans in the restroom, is it ok to not think anything at all as thoughts may be influenced by waswaz?.
Question: I want to ask about black magic and nazar. If someone is under a spell of black magic or bad nazar then what should he do.And how can we find out who did this?

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