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Al Mumeet | Asma ul Husna
Al Mumeet | Asma ul Husna

Question: plz let me know if wadu is required after havin bath ,or can we pray directly after bath,as my brothers ustad (teacher) who is helping him memorise quran told him so.secondly ….
Question: Is there any Islamic basis for this? Are there other days/dates that should be avoided for physical relationship between couple?
Question: I had a dream that i was to marry a women that i knew from school,after this dream i think i have fallen in love with her,am i destined to marry her,is there a dua that i can read?also the meaning
Question: After doing ghusl, I was drying myself with a towel and I accidently touched my genitals. Does this break my wudu?
Question: What is the meaning of the following surat in the quran – surat 7:verse 205 “And remember your lord by your tongue and within yourself,humbly and in awe ,without loudness”

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