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Al Malik | Asma ul Husna
Al Malik | Asma ul Husna

Question: 1). How do u make the intention for missed witr salah or 2 sunnah of fajr if u then pray them after sun rise and before zawwal time? Do you say that they are qadha salahs?
Question: A person took out a loan from a bank to buy a car. The payment on the loan involves interest. After a couple of months the person wants to change his/her life and wants to stop all the evil he is involved in, like interest. The person still has 2years to pay the car off. Is there any advice for this person after he has engaged in touba?
Question: Are there any shafi alims at darul ifta, and are there any shafi madrasas in south Africa?
Question: Can we travel through the world for leisure, or is this against Islam?
Question: I had a question regarding the trading of shares … you are selling the right to someone to buy a share off you at a later date at the current price.

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