Shetaan say hifazatAik hazar din tak sawab hee sawab
Nazar ki hifazat kay lieyMarz say shifa yaqeeni ho gee agar

Al Badeeo | Asma ul Husna
Al Badeeo | Asma ul Husna

Question: If I perform Umra after Ramadan this year should Haj be made Farz on me during the same year i.e. 2002. I have not done any Haj before.
Question: dear mufti sahab pls tell me that which type of hajj is virtues hajj-e-tamattu, hajj-e-qiran or hajj-e-ifraat
Question: I have heard that very tired and ill group of people were told by Nabi(SAW) to go and drink urine of camels as it would cure them. is it true? what was the significance?
Question: In regards to the following saying of the holy prophet s.a.w: “do not write down anything of me except the Quran. whoever writes down other then that should delete it
Question: Do wives in Islam have the same right as their husbands and should they be treated like equals????

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