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Al Haseeb | Asma ul Husna
Al Haseeb | Asma ul Husna

Question: I want to ask whether it is OK to use facebook as there are a lot of anti-Islamic pages and groups on it? Some of my friends still use facebook even after that event name
Question: If a lady had 7 days period, then, after medications, the period became 6 blood then 3 clean then 3 blood. What is her period now?
Question: If a women did not cut her hair and came back to her country after perfrmin umrah..?
Question: (1).Seeing Imam Abu hanifa (R.A) in dream (2).TAWAF of Kaaba in Dream
Question: 1. I need to clarify something about Isha prayer in UK. These days, or generally in summers, Maghrib prayer time goes as late as 2145 at night which means that Isha will be quite late…..2. It is said that if an egg has a blood mark you can’t eat it because there was a chance of life in that!! What i want to know that would it be possible to eat it if the blood spot was removed somehow?

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