Har zehreeli cheez say hifazat kay lieyAjeeb fazilat wali teen ayat
Gunah say nafrat ki duaAllah kay mehboob tareen kalimat

Al Musawiro | Asma ul Husna
Al Musawiro | Asma ul Husna

Question: Is it right to start fights with non-muslims purely because they are non-muslims and have done nothing wrong???
Question: I want to learn Arabic so i can understand the Quar’an, can you tell me where to go? I live in London, England.
Question: Jumaah salaat before time for Zuhr starts
Question: If a lady is on her menses throughout Ramadhan because of delivery of baby , is it compulsary for her to make up the missed fasts OR can she opt to give kaffara
Question: Is Ria an Islamic name? and if so what does it mean? And what are the meanings of Fareen, Nahid and Rafiq.

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