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Al Jamio | Asma ul Husna
Al Jamio | Asma ul Husna

Question: 1. what is the exact proper way of doing qaza? is it different for ishah? 2.can qaza be done at anytime? even during the forbidden namaz times?
Question: wants to take a Quran from the Musjid, because of the clear writing which he can read. can he purchase a new quraan and put in the musjid in exchange
Question: I was married to my cousin by force.I didnt want to marry him .even my parents lied to me about his height and age.
Question: 1. I am living in Saudi Arabia, i was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Whenever i go on vacation should i have to offer Qasar if my stay at home is less than 15 days, please also specify…2. Which Ayat in Quran shows the method of doing Wuddu (ablution) and method of performing Namaz, please give reference….3. What is “Qayas” , please explian with some example.
Question: How many ayas are in the Quran? Words? Leters? is bismillah an ayah?

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