Ghar ki hifazat jay lieySara jism dozakh say azad ho jaye ga
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Al Haleem | Asma ul Husna
Al Haleem | Asma ul Husna

Question: What is the authencity of the hadeeth reported by Baraa ibn Azib in ragarding the issue of Rafa al Yedain, can you provide me a list of scholars and how they did classify it.
Question: re-8123: I’d like to know if not being able to forgive another person who has caused much distress makes me a sinner and does the fact that the other person asked mean he is forgiven anyway?
Question: It has been said that qadianis are murtid because they left Islam after reciting the kalma. But isn’t this valid only for the first generation of Qadianis, the ones who saw and followed Mirza Qadian ? The generations that followed them followed the belief of their forefathers, not
Question: Car financing schemes that are being offered by banks nowadays…people argue that since we are using the car, extra money charged by banks is there to compensate for depriciation.Is this correct?
Question: There r many Ahadees that followers in Nimaz should say sura Fateha , but in Hanafi mazhab v stay silent. Is it Ok.

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