Qayamat kee holnakio say nijaatKhair wali zindagi or fitrat wali mot kay liey
Dua na mangnay per waeedHar cheez kay zarrar say hifazat kiu dua

Al Kabeer | Asma ul Husna
Al Kabeer | Asma ul Husna

Question: I would just like to know whether whilst gaining the consent of his daughter, a wali needs to have two witnesses present and whether they must actually HEAR the consent given…
Question: she read it somewhere that it is not forbidden for us to consume one or two glasses of alcohol
Question: Please advise whether Oysters fall under the same category as prawns and crabs, or are they permissible being fish. Please clarify whether prawns are halal or makrooh.
Question: If one is travelling to ones native place(150 km away) do we pray in full or pray 2 rakats. I have received differing opinions. I make this trip ones a week to a day or two.
Question: please can you advise how we may distinguish between authetic amils/moulanas and fake ones.

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