Duniya or akhirat mey Allah ki hifazat kay liey1000 farishto ki dua or shahadat ki maut
Gumshuda admi ya cheez ki wapsi kay lieySara jism dozakh say azad ho jaye ga

Al Rauf | Asma ul Husna
Al Rauf | Asma ul Husna

Question: I would like you to interpret a dream for me.
Question: Is it allowed for children to listen to poems that are with music?
Question: Few days ago I got an email from my friend with the issue “Taking the Husband’s name after marriage is Not based on ShareeĆ¢ah”, Please comment
Question: I would like to know if my husband is is prison and I apply for a fasagh,
Question: The Imam in our Masjid, has said that starting to pray 2 rakaat Sunnah of Fajr, when Iqamat is being called is strictly against any Madhab, as it causes Ikhtelaaf (confrontation) with the Imam.

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