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Al Adl | Asma ul Husna
Al Adl | Asma ul Husna

Question: Convert – who inherits what? I am a new convert. I am single and don’t have any muslim family. My family consist of my parents and a brother. What portion should each of them receive on my death?
Question: Copyright with regard to books which are used as studying material,can such be copied without and gains/profit being made from it?
Question: A man in our company has become murtad, he was not a practiing muslim and become a murtad (Christian) because of his wife. What action should we take against him and how should we react towards him. It is our family business.
Question: opinions of following ulema / fuqaha regarding face covering / niqab. imam abu hanifa, imam shafi, Imam Ahmed, Imam malik, Imam taimiya & Imam Ibn qayyim
Question: My question is regarding a riba mortgage. I bought a house in my country by riba mortgage 2 years ago when I was non muslim (I was christian then). So I…

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