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Al Afuwwo | Asma ul Husna
Al Afuwwo | Asma ul Husna

Question: 1. Can interest money received from a bank be disbursed to simply anyone? (Instead of giving it to those eligible to receive Zakat without the intention of getting reward)
Question: i would like to know how to pay zakaat on jewellery. Is it on the whole value of the jewellery
Question: If the imam makes a mistake in his salat, and forgets to make sajda sahw, can the follower make sajda sahw on his own?….Is it sunnah to make dua between the break in the khutbah( in the jumma salat when the imam sits down for a while)?
Question: who is better out of two: 1- One who shave his beard. 2- The one who keeps the beard but color or bleach it.
Question: A person doing a job in an is not permitted by the organization to undertake any other job. Is it permitted under Sharia….

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