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Al Muqtadir | Asma ul Husna
Al Muqtadir | Asma ul Husna

Question: I would like to know if it is jayaz of najayaz for a muslim in India to perform Haj through the Haj Committee Of India knowing that it is subsidised. May Allah have Mercy on you & accept your efforts.
Question: when an animal die, where does it go? What’s their thereafter phase?
Question: Am I required to perform salaat al-qada for all the fard prayers in my life in which I achieved tahara through performing wudu that included mash over modern socks?
Question: can a boy marry a girl if they are in love and have done the intercorse also
Question: Is it okay if a muslim girl wears hijab for few years, but later removes it due to objection from others?

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