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Al Haleem | Asma ul Husna
Al Haleem | Asma ul Husna

Question: I would like to know your stand on Fazail-e-amal which is being read in Many masjid by People belonging to the tableegh jamaat. I belive you are aware of errors inside the book regards to weak hadeeths & also interpreation of dreams attributed to Prophet saws…
Question: 1) Is it allowed for a Muslim male to write the name of my wife on my Hand which will be permanent on my skin.
Question: i want to know difference between lillah ,sadkah and zakat according to hanafi masail.
Question: ref Q6307 – In Islam can a husband force his wife to live with his family without her will providing a separate room for his wife in his house while he himself not living with them for job purpose
Question: Some Ulema say you can get benefit from reciting the names of MaShaikh in you Tariqah. If true please state evidence.

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