Har cheez kay zarrar say hifazat kiu duaJabb nazar lagg jaye
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Al Jaleel | Asma ul Husna
Al Jaleel | Asma ul Husna

Question: Can a person read magazines like Personality, Scope, You, etc. which have nude pictures, aspects of ‘love making’ as well as some good tips like recipes and health guidelines?
Question: I want to know that what are the rights of inlaws on a woman in Islam.How should she behave if they treat her badly.
Question: Why is it important to gain Islamic knowledge?
Question: big cos. lik ours take the projects on low cost for ex.. if the project costs 100dinars we quote 60dinars and in turn cut in material supply or in labour
Question: Can a hanafi read Asr once the Shafi time for Asr has set in(Hanafi time for Asr has not yet set in-usually Asr for Shafi starts earlier then that of Hanafi)

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