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Al Muhyi | Asma ul Husna
Al Muhyi | Asma ul Husna

Question: About mouth freshener and slaughtering of cow.
Question: We live with my 2 brothers and parents. My wife cannot maintain the hijab all the time and we have limited privacy. I want to move out. What are my responsibilties?
Question: I have always heard that Jannat is found under mom’s feet..And you should always listen and follow your mothers or parents directions, nomatter what it is. But, What do you do if you have a grandmother ….
Question: The day was 11, month was 9 – building contains 110 floors. Now, remember the figure. (11 – 9 – 110) Open the Holy Quran. In Juz` # 11, Surah # 9, Aayat # 110.
Question: My Question is that Talking in this way through phone call or Through sms before Marriage is Permitted in our Religion or not?

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