Khair wali zindagi or fitrat wali mot kay lieycrore ha crore darjat azaan kay jawab per
Pakka momin bananay ki duaRasool Allah kaisi dua mangtay thay

Al Hameed | Asma ul Husna
Al Hameed | Asma ul Husna

Question: With Reference to your Fatwa # 16628…If I want to send some money to my parents but my wife is not in favor. Can I send money without informing my wife?
Question: Promise to marry broken due to these reasons – acceptable or not?
Question: Can a man marry his wife’s stepmother?
Question: Is my marriage valid? Two witnesses (one of whom also acted as Wakeel) and the man (not an Iman) who married us (all 3 pious Muslim males).Only the one who married me was personally known
Question: Is there any ibadah (such as salatul tasbeeh, fasting on day of arafat, etc) that can be done to be forgiven of a major sin and not just a minor sin?

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